We dare anyone to find an apartment community closer to a grocer

The Flats at Springhurst Apartments in Louisville, Kentucky promotes the goals of Move Louisville by

  • reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT)
  • providing residents with multiple choices for travel
  • creating a land use that provides a better link to multi-modal transportation

Short trips (3 miles or less – walking, biking, TARC) account for half of all trips and 28% are one mile or less. The development will allow and encourage a “car‐lite” lifestyle by locating close to a transit stop, as well as within 1 mile of retail, service, employment, education and medical providers.

Shorter trips place a lower burden on the transportation system and environment then longer trips. Land use policies should be designed to reward the development of housing and retail that is close to substantial job centers, which encourages alternative modes of travel.

Walkable distance Destination
Kroger/Paddock Shopping Center 0.23 miles
Republic Bank/Olympic Office Park 0.12 -0.47 miles
TARC Route 25 provides service to Shawnee Park via Westport Rd, Lexington Rd, and Oak Street.

If you want to enjoy life where it’s happening, give our Louisville apartments at The Flats at Springhurst your consideration. Apply now, or contact us with your inquiries.